A great tool

I’ve started using latex2wp to convert my lecture notes to wordpress format, and it is great.  I spend far less time futzing with wordpress, and I get nicer looking posts. I also get to write in standard LaTeX,  and can produce pdfs from the same document I use to produce blog posts. In that mythical future when I have free time, I may start seeing if I can tweak it or contribute a bit.

In the mean time, I hope to rewrite all of the earlier posts using this tool to get a more consistent look and an easier to manage set of source documents.  In other news: next week brings a new quarter, and a set of lectures on electrical impedance tomography.

One thought on “A great tool

  1. Hi.

    If you ever get the time to tweak the script don’t forget to tell us about it.

    I’m an acid user of this script myself but I don’t enough to make any kind of meaningful contribution to it.

    The only change I did was that whenever I write a definition or theorem the definition or theorem becomes boxed in order to stand out in the text.

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